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Peco GR-230 L & B Bogie Open Wagon Nr 22 in Grey Livery - 009 Scale

by Peco
SKU GR-230

These finely detailed ready to run wagons are accurately modelled on the rolling stock of the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway, both as an independent railway and after its' absorption into the Southern railway in 1922.

Wagon 22 was an open bogie vehicle of 8 ton capacity, built at the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway’s workshop at Pilton in 1903 to complement the existing fleet, which included a number of similar vehicles built by Bristol Wagon and Carriage Works.

The L&BR had no regular freight workings, and goods vehicles were added to passenger trains as required. They were all fitted with vacuum brakes to allow them to be marshalled between the loco and coaches, and negate the need for a separate goods brakevan.

Freight moved on the Land. BR included coal, ballast, farm machinery, hay and even manure! From new all freight vehicles were painted light grey with black ironwork. Under Southern Railway ownership the wagons were repainted standard SR brown, and number 22 became SR number 28313.

Our model faithfully represents this particular vehicle, with careful attention being paid to details in the livery, plus separately-fitted brake levers and vacuum brake pipes. As with all of our previous models in this scale, they are free running and complete with couplings, which plug into the integral NEM pocket.


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