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Peco PL-31 Push On Connectors/Shrouds (10 Connectors / 5 Shrouds)

by Peco
Push on Terminal Connectors and shrouds. These connectors make modification and fault finding so much easier than soldered wiring. Use them to connect the PL-38 Wire to PL-26 Passing Contact Switches, PL-22 On/Off Switches, PL-23 On/On Switches, and PL-34 Wiring Looms to PL-26 Passing Contact Switches. They can also be used when connecting wires to other items, for example, PL-13 Accessory Switches, PL-15 Twin Microswitches, PL-10 Turnout Motors, and PL-32 and 33 Microswitches. Recommended to be used with: PL-26 Passing Contact Switches PL-22 On/Off Switches PL-10 Turnout Motors