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Peco SL-108F Flexible Track Wooden Sleeper with Accurate Spacing - Code 75 - OO Scale ** Please note that due to high postage costs this item is not available by Mail Order **

by Peco

Bullhead track has been in use on the railways since the earliest times, and is still very much in evidence today. This flexible track provides a highly detailed and faithful 00 scale replication of this long standing feature of Britain's railways.

Our SL-114 Bullhead Rail Joiners include bolt detail and therefore complement the fine detail of this track range. Technical Specification: Length: 914mm Recommended to be used with: PECO Code 75 track system SL-114 Conducting Rail Joiners for PECO Code 75 Bullhead track SL-110 Conducting Rail Joiners: Nickel Silver for PECO Code 75 track