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Peco SL-1552 Left Hand Turnout Code 70 - HOn3

by Peco
Sold out
SKU SL-1552
Brand: Peco
Part Number: SL-1552
Scale / Type: HOe / HO Scales
Our Code: PESL-1552

This new turnout is made to the usual high standard expected from PECO, with highly detailed rail fixings and sleeper (tie) reproduction. The design is based on the common narrow gauge practice of not using baseplates, but rather fixing the rail direct to the sleeper (tie). The Code 70 rail used in these models is nickel silver. Geometry is based on the NMRA standards. The UNIFROG design is a new development for PECO. In these turnouts the stock-rails are wired to the centre-rails at the factory, which in turn are connected to the corresponding frog-rail. This means that the turnout is completely live (except for the tip of the frog) with no extra wiring needed. The frog tip and wing rails are connected, and have a wire attached underneath, allowing the modeller to switch polarity if they wish, through a micro-switch (PL-15) fixed to the turnout motor. Insulating joiners at the vee of the frog are not required. If the turnout is being used as a switch to isolate a section of track then it is a simple task to remove the wire that joins the centre-rail and stock-rail and it will work like a PECO Insulfrog turnout.