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Peco ST-45 Setrack Left Hand Curved Turnout - N Gauge

by Peco
Brand: Peco
Part Number: ST-45
Scale / Type: N Scale
Our Code: ST-45

Curved turnouts are such useful components in space-restricted areas. Whether it is to install a cross-over track, or to start a new siding, doing so on a curve allows the modeller to make better use of limited space. Peco have produced these right and left-hand curved turnouts to fit into the Setrack geometry, crossing from 2nd radius to 3rd. When installing a cross-over, the use of short curved and straight track pieces is necessary in order for it to fit and one of each are provided in each pack. It does mean, of course, that in forming a cross-over with a left and right-hand turnout the modeller will have one spare straight piece, which can be used elsewhere on the layout. Please note that whilst these two special pieces of track are shown with their part numbers, they cannot be purchased separately, only as part of the turnout pack itself. COMPATIBLE WITH STREAMLINE Although marketed as part of the Setrack system, it is important to draw attention to the fact that these can also be used in association with Peco's Streamline track system. Given their tighter curvature they will be especially useful for starting fiddle yards on a curve, as well as in many other awkward areas on the layout. Setrack and Streamline track components all connect together perfectly well. You can even mix Setrack & Streamline Code 80 with the Code 55 system, although the Code 55 system does have a different geometry to Streamline Code 80 so there are some combinations that are not so easily achievable. The clever thing, though, is that the design of Peco's Code 55 system allows it connect to Code 80 track whilst maintaining correct alignment at the top of the rail to ensure smooth running.