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Train Tech LCN10 Level Crossing Barrier Set with Light & Sound (Single) - N Scale


These models of UK style level crossings are pre-assembled with both lights and sound and come complete with Peco level crossing barrier and fences (PELK-51). These models are easy to install and connect to a power supply. All you need is a 10mm hole drilled where you want to install them, the model is held in place with a special mounting cap (supplied).

To power these light you can either use a 9 - 16v DC power supply. We recommend a WM4 Wall Mounted Transformer for this method. Or, you can attach them to you DCC Bus and give them an address to activate them.

To control these models you can use one of four different methods.

  1. A switch connected between the power supply and the level crossing
  2. Controlled by a Track Sensor via the Layout Link Wire
  3. Connected to a Mimic Switch via the Layout Link Wire
  4. Using A DCC command via the "LEARN" button attached to the PCB